My Slumblog Millionaire Idea

Watching “Slumdog Millionaire” reminds me about…


There are things that we can change and can not be changed. Beyond that it is already written that I think is absolutely not inviolable. The problem we are not apart from the vertical and horizontal relationship. Start from the environment, family, self, and intimacy with God.

Man may try, but also that God determines. We are writing our designs on a sheet of white paper. Paper and the end result will be submitted to the Lord and the eraser. He will choose which one has not, not, and so for us.

Of the four options above, which describes itself more in the sense that you live?


2 thoughts on “My Slumblog Millionaire Idea

  1. Slumdog is a brilliant movie. A classic drama where the underdog comes out on top defiant of all the obsticles in the way. People look around and say I can’t understand why it won so many awards it’s not the best movie I have ever seen. If you ever seen or read the grapes of wrath they said the same thing about it too. some people are born at the wrong time wrong place and put into situations. I discussed this movie with my east indian doctor I got some very interesting comments from her.I suggest you ask someone that is from india or indian decent about the india experience. Slumdog is an eyeopener. frieda pinto is so georgeous

    -Dusty Crawford online product reviewer

  2. Yes, it’s true to some extents that our life is written. However, as God has given us such a great life…it’s our responsibility to do and give our best to make this great gift valuable. I prefer not to choose one of the options above, coz if he won the money…it’s not just because it’s written, but he did his best to come to such level 😀 ….

    Also seems difficult to distinguish which already has been written and which is based on experience

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