Just give me a call. 24/7, i’m there for you.

For a friend out there, inget yang aku bilang tadi yah? “andalkan hanya teman-teman terbaikmu”. Jadi kalo satu saat bete dan pengen nyebur jurang, just give me a call. 24/7, i’m there for you. You know who you are! Quote above is from a plurk seleb blog, mbak Venus. Who is she? I also do […]

Balance: Subjective & Objective

Start the intelligent consumer (consumers who do less intelligent? Certainly have), they can choose and share the goods / services that were not, just, moderate, and good. Now, customer satisfaction is not foreign to the discussion. Although not a new item, research proves that consumers are more emotional work than logic. They prefer cortex (eg, […]

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