Balance: Subjective & Objective

Start the intelligent consumer (consumers who do less intelligent? Certainly have), they can choose and share the goods / services that were not, just, moderate, and good. Now, customer satisfaction is not foreign to the discussion. Although not a new item, research proves that consumers are more emotional work than logic. They prefer cortex (eg, facilities) than in the skin (such as management of both).

I work in the IT field, precisely as the education service teachers would often get complaints from consumers (students). I examplizeing as a shield for the company, so that I can be a stronghold of the students. Instead a case for students who are not directly have to patch first.

I often hear students complain about the internet connection is slow and not stable, the internet page can not be accessed (the link provided), less comfortable classrooms, and other. So what should I talk with my students?

The note I did not intend this corner of any party. Only according to me, something needed to launch a strong management system and implementation of a sound. Any company would want to return to long-term, but that goal is achieved the required balance between subjective and objective.

1 comment on “Balance: Subjective & Objective

  1. We cannot satisfy everyone, that’s for sure. When your students complain about something, what you can do is listen to them, take note and make sure you deliver their complain to the people or department in charge. However, when the complain is something that you can handle (without making the situation even more confusing or worse) just do it in class. Anyway…students are always complaining about everything 😀

    yup, inisiatif buat menjawab keluhan dari siswa aja mbak 🙂

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