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Size Loyality (Must or Mustn’t?)




Motivation is a complex problem in the organization, because the needs and desires of each member organization is different with each other. This is the motivation that caused the company to maximize the welfare of the owners (stakeholders).

In the operating companies, are often actions that employees maximize prosperity is not the owner, but is tempted to increase their own welfare. Conditions such as these lead to differences of interest between the owner with employees. So that is not a direct employee loyalty will is?

How do we know how an employee can be loyal to the company where they work? Sometimes I like to see the exhibition in the mobile phone mall. SPG, which they use their mobile phone that is not offered. That is, working in company A, but using the product in company B.

I so remember my friend’s desire to study in places other than where he worked. Things that he worried about how people view on why he prefers not in the place where he worked.  For me, this is a form of the right to choose not the obligation, which employees must use the goods / services company in the work place. But sometimes I see someone so in love with the goods / services from the company’s products work. Yes … legitimate course, not, this is not an obligation?

Deddy Huang
Deddy Huang
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  1. Loyalty is not something comes instantly. It requires process and it can be quite long. If an employer want to have loyal employees, give them respect and appropriate reward based on their efforts.


  2. ahahahaha, i know something 😉

    btw, aku perhatike postingan dirimu belakangan ini koq pake bahasa inggris terus sih?

    jahahahaha… (lmao)
    just practice my english 😀


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