I seen what stress?

life has its own way, and he seems very serious to force us to respect the rules. He refused to make himself a new life for us, if we do not update the attitude and how we are.  Shit!  If I can teach you the details that are melee I feel, I may be doing. This is my feeling, I want to yell! when that happens I will cry AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHh … 

I hope that, sooner or later I will be free from this prison, in addition I want to be myself in private. I think a time to flee from reality. When all people judge me for any attitude that I’ve show. In situations like this, I can only be silent and be spectators. Fiuh … last I heard of the negative views about me. Ear, and I hope I can filter the view that each.  Dammit!

This evening, I felt panic again with the incident some time ago. Every hear the sound suspicious, I have a feeling perplexed.

6 comments on “I seen what stress?

  1. Semangadh….
    Never Give Up.

    Ingat “Kegagalan adalah Keberhasilan Yang Tertunda”

    Kegagalan adalah awal dari keberhasilan, itukah?

  2. What’s up Huang? Comments both bad or good will always be around us. The most important thing is just be yourself.

    yup, i try to be myself 🙂

  3. tetap semangat yaa…semuanya ada hikmahnya kok :). Jiayooo

    makasih mbak queen 🙂

  4. don’t judge a book by it’s cover, kurang lebih cak itu lah ye. apa yg terlihat belum tentu seperti yg terlihat. You shouldn’t change ur life style if u don’t want to. Don’t take care others people said.

    Merci pour la suggestion. Thanks you for your suggestion, Nay 🙂

  5. what happen bro?
    take it easy 🙂

    nothing gonna happen aye naon atuh ee.. :p~~

  6. what happen bro?
    take it easy 🙂

    nothing gonna happen aye naon atuh ee.. :p~~

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