I love to travel

Whether there is any reason why I participated in a trip. Simply because the brain it for me. More than that to find new experiences that may not be perceived as other people. The last thing I want to do before I go forever.

I see my scene, paving the rice fields.

dsc02481 - I love to travel
I see my high buildings, as if the building is currently challenging the sky
dsc02865 - I love to travel
I not see the river, in it to give me peace of mind
dsc02610 - I love to travel

ps: I hope I have a lot of money to realize all of that!


7 comments on “I love to travel

  1. Wow indah melihat hamparan laut yg terbentang…

  2. suka foto paling atas, ijo royo royo…

  3. Then come on over here… see how life is run..
    Kind regards from West Africa..

  4. me too, me too, i love everyplaces, every scenes, let’s do it together next time pal

  5. Amiin.. didoakan supaya bisa kesampean yak

  6. ayo kita jalan-jalan…..

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