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Aku pengen ini..

Aku pengen itu..

Aku pengen begini dan begitu..

Tapi dia jawab:

Do it then. If you’re sure. Simple.

p.s : Plakkk… hag hag hag… thanks for advice. I’ll make it simple.

Deddy Huang
Deddy Huang
Storyteller and Digital Marketing Specialist. A copy of my mind about traveling, culinary and review. I own this blog
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  1. Hi Huang, I just know that our theme is same…so, do u think that we are a soulmate??hehehe….ngarep…

    Huang : Loh ngarep gimana mbak?


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Deddy Huang

As a digital creator, this blog discusses topics related to traveling, culinary, product reviews and digital marketing. The articles on this blog provide many tips and recommendations based on personal experience.

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