I’m willing to accept all, God

Every night I pray that God shows red and green colors in the dream. Last night I dreamed I saw the color was in angkot. Today is rainy and I saw a rainbow. I saw a beautiful rainbow colors that cut through the clouds in the air.

p.s : How great God this day to me. So I’m willing to accept all that he had planned.

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Deddy Huang

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4 thoughts on “I’m willing to accept all, God

  1. But there are people who tried to run from life, than accepting it as it is…

    Huang : Mmm.. yeah maybe i tried to run from life.

  2. And when you praise the Lord above of what you have, just believe that He will give you even more 🙂

    Huang : Amen. I wish He will give me the best.

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