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I seen what stress?




life has its own way, and he seems very serious to force us to respect the rules. He refused to make himself a new life for us, if we do not update the attitude and how we are.  Shit!  If I can teach you the details that are melee I feel, I may be doing. This is my feeling, I want to yell! when that happens I will cry AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHh … 

I hope that, sooner or later I will be free from this prison, in addition I want to be myself in private. I think a time to flee from reality. When all people judge me for any attitude that I’ve show. In situations like this, I can only be silent and be spectators. Fiuh … last I heard of the negative views about me. Ear, and I hope I can filter the view that each.  Dammit!

This evening, I felt panic again with the incident some time ago. Every hear the sound suspicious, I have a feeling perplexed.

Deddy Huang
Deddy Huang
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  1. don’t judge a book by it’s cover, kurang lebih cak itu lah ye. apa yg terlihat belum tentu seperti yg terlihat. You shouldn’t change ur life style if u don’t want to. Don’t take care others people said.

    Merci pour la suggestion. Thanks you for your suggestion, Nay 🙂


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