Drama Prince?

Palembang, 12 August 2009

Exhausted I read that last post, friends comment that I am sensitive and of the drama. I was laughing out smiling. And after I read any posts longer I last, I feel is too excessive in terms of expressing themselves on me.  This is me, back again I learned to accept myself before other people I accept myself. I am aware that there is no perfect person, but it can be a perfect time this can be a lack of excess. Thank you Lord, I confess that I am not able to penetrate what is you plan to live, but I am aware of the plan you will be beautiful by the time you and the power of God. I seek refuge in you if I will not get from the enemy I am ashamed.  I looked back over the process that I have experienced and to this day I stand, I feel like I want so I am mentally strong and solid. Okay, stop me from this drama.


with passion of drama prince 😀


7 pemikiran pada “Drama Prince?

  1. Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong about being a drama prince. One who calls somebody a drama prince/queen is usually can’t express his mental itself. This stone expressor is usually tempted to commit suicide. That sucks.

    Huang : Definitely, maybe sis 🙂

  2. yes i am the first 🙂
    that’s right, nothing is perfect in this world
    whoever and whatever it is

    salam 😛

    Huang : Salam kenal balik Miss Widdy 🙂

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