New Spirit from ‘Can’

Some idea what crossed my mind. A sudden this word appear when I’m sitting on the toilet.

“can “

I try to trace what the word could be this. Just today I realized the meaning of the word ‘can’. ‘Can’ can provide first reaction would be something, whether we like it or not.

‘Can’ can be our fortress to achieve something.

‘Can’ is a positive energy.

and from now on I’m sure I can!

p.s: do not give up, Huang!


4 comments on “New Spirit from ‘Can’

  1. Reva Liany Pane

    “Because I CAN,” – adalah jawaban favorit saya setiap ada yang bertanya ‘Kenapa kamu melakukan ini, kenapa kamu melakukan itu’. Well, biarpun jawaban satu itu tidak selalu cocok dengan pertanyaannya 😀

    Aniwei, saya ikutan menyemangati deh. Yes, you can! Chayo!

    Huang : Sis, gak ada blog ya?

  2. i have faith in you that you can

    Huang : You’re most welcome ^^

  3. can bukan kaleng kan?? 😆

    oke semangat!

    Huang : Can-can

  4. pasti Pak Huang can lah,….semangat bro !

    Huang : Makasih brader 🙂

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