BerandaIdea5 Vows (???)

5 Vows (???)




I know who I am and what I want from life regardless of anyone else.
I never hide from the truth, no matter what. I commit to unwavering, uncompromising truth about myself.
I accept myself in all my magnificence and weaknesses.
I listen to my intuition. I trust myself completely.
I will never settle for less than my heart and soul desire.

– NN –

p.s : ?? Huang?

Deddy Huang
Deddy Huang
Storyteller and Digital Marketing Specialist. A copy of my mind about traveling, culinary and review. I own this blog


    • Saya berkomitmen kepada kebenaran tentang diri saya, tanpa ragu-ragu…
      …dan tak kenal kompromi (wah, kok jadi seperti iklan rokok? 😛 )

      Huang : Emang ada iklan rokok seperti itu?

  1. And I am not kentut carelessly (kabuuuur) sebelum ditimpuk Huang 😀

    Huang : Nggak ada yang perlu ditimpuk mas. Soalnya nggak ada barangnya :p


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