Childhood Memory

Long wait for my students to do their tasks, I open fraudulent default Microsoft Paint program.

Childhood Memory
Childhood Memory

The shadow is my first time open this program, I feel back to the primary school. Precisely drawing lessons.

Why draw the ideas inherent in the mountains continue to do my brain? Illustration two mountains with the sun, the birds in the sky as if a form letter M, which extends the rice fields have shaped the letter V, a simple house with the whole family, there is a shady tree.

Fiuh … tolerable to refresh my brain on the day.

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  1. jadi inget waktu SD, kalo disuruh gambar pemandangan pasti itu, ga pernah divariasi, mirip bgt kek gambar itu hehe

    Eh tapi kita SD-nya sama gak ya? :p~~

  2. hahahahahaha

    kalo kata guru dan dosen saya di kampus, itu emang gambar standar anak SD di Indonesia. mau di sumatra, jawa, sulawesi, papua, pasti banyak yang gambar kayak gitu.

    Hm,, kasihan.. kreativitasnya jadi kurang tereksplorasi di masa kecil

    Uhm.. oh ya?? emank sih kalo dikumpulin gambar-gambar anak kecil, rata-rata gitu.

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