Twinkle Star

The Prayer

My Lord, tonight I learned many things. What a lesson that I received today is not comparable to that obtained in the form of gift materials. God, why are you so good to me? While I’m just like forget you, but God’s mercy is always there for me.

Thank God I had support at last, when I almost fell with the fact that I move. But the Lord still gripped my right hand, so I kept walking. Now I realize God when all this time I do not wholeheartedly to serve you. What I do for this is according to my will, not your will.

Although I was not elected, but for I’ve felt that I was the winner. I want to be the brightest star. Can I Lord? I want to be a legend of the works that I do. God, thanks to the talents that you gave me.

p.s : Hopefully this early for me and my future.

Penulis: Deddy Huang

Storyteller and Digital Marketing Specialist. A copy of my mind about traveling, culinary and review. I own this blog

3 komentar

  1. Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
    How I wonder what you are.
    Up above the world so high,
    Like a diamond in the sky.
    Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
    How I wonder what you are!

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