If there’s ain’t Option

Ambil waktu rehatku sebentar untuk menulis sesuatu. Seorang teman menyapa saya melalui FB.

Teman (T) : how do yo do?

Huang (H) : getting well

T : where are u? how abt ur sunday?

H : sedang mengajar.

T : i think today is holiday. actually, today am is sad. no friend to talk much each other. im really need a friend rigth now

H : ya sama saja, no friend too tapi hidup harus tetap berjalan kan.

T : right. on the couple month i just talk with my mother is much, but thats not enough. life is hard. i talk to my mom that i thing anything i do all is wrong why it happen to me but moms say that it’z life son. you must keep going.

H : pilihan terakhir bunuh diri, tapi gw nggak mau.

T : what do you talking abt. come on… killing ur self is not an answer.

H : emang, hehe jadi jawabannya apa dong

T : life has many option… the question is what i can handle it all main is the key… what did you think it gonna be happen may be on the past i was think abt what happen today… lonely, and no friend and it just happen today is result from thinking on the past i must change it. i know that is hard. but i must faith to will pass

H : law of attraction?

T : thats the issue

H : mm..

The Secret.

p.s : Disaat masalah sedang hadir menguji diriku. Ku ingin memilih untuk percaya.