Feels like
Feel happy
Feels lonely
Felt loved
Felt hate
Was upset
Felt miss
Felt disappointed
Was lazy
Feel healthy
Felt satisfied
Was quite

All think that’s just false, to come and go without permission.

But I believe this feeling that comes from what we do. I can still feel grateful for this feeling.

Deddy Huang
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  1. yep right on!

    the feeling is from what we do hihi..

    selamat beraktivitas kembali yaa..

    eh udah masuk belum deh?? hehe

    oh iya mohon maaf lahir batin ya kalo ada salah 😀

    Huang : Hahaha… hai Ridu 🙂 Aku lom masuk kerja 🙂

  2. (maaf) izin mengamankan PERTAMA dulu. Boleh kan?!
    Ngantuk2 gini baca basa linggis, udah gak lancar tambah gak konsen
    komennya kapan2 aja, ya?

    Huang : Hihihi.. silahkan mas alam 😀


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