Mind vs Action

This time I found what the mental block, one of them Feed on the pattern of thought. Patterns of thought that will lead to wrong actions and feelings are wrong.

I think of one, but I think that? Typical melankolis sometimes people are always in mind. Any little thing that will keep this thought typical. Sometimes funny, the same one I always thought important. Irritated!

90% of what I once thought the same would happen. Yes! We think too much about the brain drain to speculate in more. Moreover, our time is that the fret to ask repeatedly about the risks of the mind.

Take an example, a man who already make a mistake and want to ‘ber-kelit’. Things that he want to do is find a way out with the questions for ‘ber-kelit’. Why do not they speak this? Continue if so what happens? A solution can, find solutions AA, B can be a solution, find the solution BB Crank, this is too many fancies!

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Stop! is not useful at all!


Feed the brain you!

From now on, do what you can do! Opponents fear it! Be careful with your mind because it will bring to the unconscious you!

p.s : fiuhh.. mulai sekarang harus bisa beda antara rasa dan pikir, antara pikiran dan tindakan…!

Deddy Huang

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12 thoughts on “Mind vs Action

  1. Pikiran kita itu dahsyat yah…maka harus hati2..selaraskan dengan Kehendak Yang DiATAS, nah tapi seringkali kita salah mengenali…ternyata itu hanyalah kehendak kita sendiri…weleh weleh…

  2. yah begitulah memang kadang tidak sejalan antara pikiran dan tindakan saya juga merasakannya… thanks 4 comin deddy huang…

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